UDT Partners with The E.P.I.C. Foundation to Make Digital Learning More Accessible for Students in Need

Teacher helping school kids using tablet computers in class
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The sudden switch to distance learning due to COVID-19 has left many educators and students unprepared. As distance learning continues, it is important to remember those who may have not had as easy of a transition as others. Did you that 35% to 50% of students in private schools in Miami and Broward attend school on scholarships and are from low-income households? Other private schools have reported 80% to 100% of students attending their schools are on some form of scholarships. These students do not have access to the tools necessary for digital learning success.

UDT partnered with The Experienced Professionals Impacting Communities (E.P.I.C.) Foundation to connect with students in need! As of today, UDT and E.P.I.C. have been able to distribute 10 laptops to distance learning students with the hopes of distributing 100 laptops in total.

According to Brookings , as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force schools into online learning, the students who are the most vulnerable to falling behind, will face even more hurdles in order to keep up. Up to date and accessible technology could bridge the gap between a student struggling to adapt to distance learning and a successful online learning experience.

Find out how you can help us give the gift of education by providing much needed technology during these hard times. Visit their GoFundMe page.

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