UDTSecure™ Completes Web-Application Security Assessment for Private Sector Bank

One of our client’s key business goals was to provide its customers with a safe and secure online banking and payment portal.
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The Customer

Our client with more than 250 branches, 300 ATMs and 50,000+ customers is a private sector bank with $2 billion dollars in assets.

The Challenge

One of our client’s key business goals was to provide its customers with a safe and secure online banking and payment portal. It was imperative for the client to ensure that the website was not susceptible to technical or design flaws while providing a smooth banking experience to its customers.

Furthermore, since the online banking and payment portal had been developed by a third-party organization, our client wanted assurance that the website was secure and contained appropriate security controls.

The UDTSecure™ Solution

By using UDTSecure’s unique in-house developed WebAppSecure framework, the consultants completed Web-Application Security Assessment. Key highlights of the security assessment included:

  • Functional mapping of the entire website with including URLs and parameters passed detail
  • Test cases were created based on the various sections mapped
  • Automated scans using various open-source and in-house developed scanners
  • Test case verification by manual confirmation for each potential test cases identified above
  • Vulnerability correlation

Once the first cycle of the engagement was completed and vulnerabilities were identified in the client’s website, UDTSecure InfoSec Consultants leveraged vulnerabilities to further penetrate the client’s application architecture and identify the vulnerabilities true impact to the organization.

The Deliverables

The reports and remediation information provided were customized to match the client’s operational environment and development framework. The following reports were submitted to the customer:

  • Executive Presentation: Overview of the entire engagement, the vulnerabilities discovered and the recommendations made to mitigate the threats identified on the client’s websites
  • Detailed Technical Report: Comprehensive information, proof of concept examples and detailed exploitation instructions of all the threats identified
  • Excel Tracker: Simple and comprehensive vulnerability tracker aimed at helping the IT asset owner keep track of the vulnerabilities, remediation status, action items, etc.

The Benefits

By conducting thorough security tests and identifying vulnerabilities, UDTSecure reduced the client’s risk exposure in a climate where Banking Regulatory Bodies are taking an extremely strict approach to security.

Additionally, the client gained the following benefits:

  • Risk Benefits: UDTSecure minimized security risks by assessing the customer’s infrastructure vulnerabilities and recommended solutions with proven methods to enhance security
  • Cost Savings: UDTSecure suggested cost-effective risk-mitigation measures based on the customer’s business requirements that would ensure security and continuity of the business
  • Customer Satisfaction: The Web-Application Security Assessment was conducted with minimum interruption or damage across customer systems to identify security vulnerabilities, impacts and potential risk
  • Compliance: The client was able to utilize the information gained from this Web-Application Security Assessment to easily gain industry certifications and provide a higher level of service to its customers

To learn more about UDTSecure’s Web-Application Assessment, please call 954-308-5100 today!


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