UDTSecure™ Team Performs Comprehensive HIPAA Security Assessment

The assessment process required only four days of on-site work. The remainder of the testing, analysis, and documentation were completed remotely.

The Challenge

HIPAA Security Requirements required that a large retail client with medical subsidiary locations conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information during storage and transmission. The organization needed a third-party assessment and obtained quotes from several qualified security assessment vendors.

Initially, the organization believed UDTSecure’s proposal was too high, but ultimately chose UDTSecure based on the output generated by the reports and additional savings related to including hours spent on site, back office hours in research and analysis and remediation reporting. An additional deciding factor was UDTSecure’s ability to complete the work within two to three months — the organization’s Compliance Officer felt it would take their internal staff a year to achieve the same results.

The UDTSecure Solution

The organization engaged UDTSecure InfoSec Consulting to implement its HIPAA Security Assessment service. UDTSecure’s HIPAA security assessment is mapped directly to the security rule into what UDTSecure InfoSec Consultants identified as 70 unique, required and addressable provisions.

Led by an experienced security consultant, UDTSecure InfoSec Consultants audited the organization’s current administrative, physical, and technical security measures including policy, plans, procedures, systems, and networks. A compliance matrix with recommendations for remediation was then developed. Recommendations were based on UDTSecure’s expertise in balancing the cost for improvement versus the increased protection it would provide, allowing for development of a cost-effective compliance plan.

The assessment process required only four days of on-site work. The remainder of the testing, analysis, and documentation were completed remotely.

The Assessment

  • Remote and on-site collection of pertinent data and site information and remote testing of network security measures
  • On-site analysis and testing of physical and technical security measures and analysis of LAN, WAN, and Wireless networks
  • On-site interviews with key management and staff members
  • Development of three volume report of assessment process and findings and development of supporting digital content

The Results

The organization achieved the following as a result of UDTSecure’s HIPAA Security Assessment:

  • Met audit requirement as defined in Sec. 164.308(a)(1)(ii) of the security rule
  • Acquired detailed documentation for use in budget and remediation planning
  • Immediately lowered risk to their stored electronic information
  • Effectively communicated compliance status and plans to board of directors and auditors

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