Understanding Your Company’s Data Security Needs

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Running a successful company typically demands the use of online systems for data storage and business transactions. However, as more businesses have come to rely on these systems, so too have more unscrupulous individuals taken advantage of security breaches to obtain sensitive information. To protect the integrity of your business’s confidential data, including that of your customers, it’s important to recognize potential security weaknesses and address them quickly.


Even with the most trustworthy employees comes the need to limit who has access to sensitive information. By controlling the number of employees who have the authority to access confidential information, business owners can reduce the risk of suffering a security breach.


Businesses of all sizes may use dozens or even hundreds of software programs to carry out the many functions of their organizations. However, the companies who create these software programs are continually updating them for security and performance reasons. When a business fails to keep up with its program updates, it gives potential hackers the opportunity to access information through known security glitches. With the help of a reputable data center, business owners can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that all of their systems are up to date and as secure as possible.


Financial transactions between modern businesses and their customers happen through online systems on a regular basis. In many cases, companies may retain the financial information of their customers for future transactions. Should a fraudulent party find that data, it could result in dire results for both customers and the businesses that serve them. In some cases, it may even lead to legal action taken against a company for negligent practices in protecting the information of its customers. Having a secure encryption process in place can deter hackers and protect highly sensitive financial data.

Is your business as secure as it should be? Let UDT help your company avoid security breaches. To learn about our managed security measures for Doral-area businesses, call (800) 882-9919.

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