UDT Helps The Florida Dental Association To Relocate Their Corporate Office

As part of our Managed IT as a Service (MITaaS), we can provide end-to-end service, technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies.


Imagine relocating 20+ years’ worth of IT equipment in two days, while upgrading systems. This is exactly the feat that UDT (UDT) helped The Florida Dental Association (FDA) to accomplish. The FDA, a professional association for member dentists located in Tallahassee, Florida, was looking for a vendor to help relocate their corporate office, call manager and wireless system. All work needed to begin on a Friday after close of business and be completed by Monday morning, open of business. The FDA’s membership services are completely phone driven and heavily reliant on wireless connectivity so without systems for even one day would be devastating to the business.

“Spending the last 22 years in the same office building, I was very concerned about relocating our headquarters,” said Larry Darnell, IT Director of the FDA. “When I selected UDT to relocate our equipment and upgrade our systems, I was placing a great deal of trust in their professionals. We knew that FDA needed to leave behind our legacy providers and upgrade our technology. UDT helped us to upgrade our Cisco call manager and implement a Meraki wireless system. The upgrade has not only brought our technology up to date but also added a VPN connection so employees may work from home.”

UDT came into the engagement with a project plan and implementation strategy to first utilize the technology already in place at the FDA. “We knew utilizing their existing technology would save the FDA a great amount of money,” said Justin Jimenez, VP of Sales. “UDT worked to consolidate all of the FDA’s needs into one bucket in an effort to simplify the process and provide one contact person for their ongoing needs.” UDT successfully upgraded the FDA’s phone system and implemented the Meraki wireless system with zero downtown, allowing for business as usual the following Monday.


“The versatility and reliability that UDT’s implementation team demonstrated was incredible,” said Darnell. “They leveraged engineers across UDT’s districts when faced with obstacles, delivered on time and well under budget. If anything, we have extra equipment, which helps to prepare us for the future. UDT had a plan from the beginning and executed flawlessly, resulting in excellent connectivity between our offices.”

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As part of our Managed IT as a Service (MITaaS), we can provide end-to-end service, technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies. And through robust automated services, we can remotely monitor and provide full IT coverage—every day, all day.

The Florida Dental Association (FDA) is not a dental office, but a professional association for member dentists. The FDA is a state constituent of the American Dental Association (ADA), which represents dentists throughout the country.

Founded in 1884 by 12 dentists, the FDA is a professional membership organization with more than 8,100 members. Florida is its own district — the 17th Trustee District — in the ADA governing structure. The FDA also has its own representatives on the ADA Board of Trustees, councils and committees. To learn more, please visit www.floridadental.org


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