UDT Provides New Technology to Coverall® Field Staff

A number of field personnel were equipped only with smartphones, impacting productivity.

Lightweight, Long-lasting Devices Offer Improved Capabilities and Connectivity

Coverall North America, Inc., one of the leading franchisors in the commercial cleaning industry, was facing a technology challenge: its fleet of portable devices used by its sales and operations team needed an upgrade. Coverall required new technology to better equip their employees, increase productivity to support its franchisees and refresh their company image.

“We recognize the importance of keeping our technology up to date,” said Surendran Palasseri, VP of IT for Coverall. “Devices were not lasting long from a battery perspective, and connectivity needed to be stronger.” Some team members carried older, heavy laptops that were slow to boot up and could connect only via WiFi. As a result, sales consultants [or reps] would have to ask for a password from our franchisees’ customers.

A number of field personnel were equipped only with smartphones, impacting productivity. Employees located in the office often had to share desktops, which meant waiting to reply to email and complete paperwork. “We were dealing with important productivity matters that required attention,” said Palasseri. “We needed professionals in the technology industry to help us solve this issue.”

The company needed a fleet of powerful new devices placed in the hands of every rep, deployed to the field and supported professionally, freeing Coverall’s IT department to focus on high-level matters.

The company turned to UDT, Inc. (UDT) to produce the right solution.

Beta Test

Coverall engaged UDT in a beta test to review tablet options to roll out to their sales team with the following criteria: tablet platform, solid network connectivity, within budget, and must increase efficiency and productivity. UDT proposed the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device due
to several key factors, including price, durability, battery life, portability, and speed, and conducted a beta test with Coverall’s sales reps. The outcome of the beta test was extremely positive.

As the devices were exceptionally fast and allowed the sales reps to complete proposals and have the documents signed on the spot with the digital signage option on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Coverall’s sales reps reported that the tablets were very lightweight, easy to use, and offered the capabilities of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

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