UDT Announces Completion of Leading Edge Information Technology Solution Miami Marlins’ Innovative New Ballpark

UDT (UDT) announced their completion of the installation of the enterprise data network

DORAL, FL– March 16th, 2012 – UDT (UDT) announced their completion of the installation of the enterprise data network for the new $515 million ballpark for Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins franchise. The future home of the Marlins will be a first-class baseball stadium, constructed on approximately 17 acres of the historic Orange Bowl site. The ballpark has a retractable roof, a natural grass playing field and 37,000 seats.

“We were honored to be entrusted to oversee technology needs for the Miami Marlins’ new facility and team headquarters,”

said Gerard Amaro, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“We saw this as a platform to showcase our expertise and client-focused solution set. Client opportunities of this scale and magnitude are uncommon, so it was important we selected solutions befitting this world-class project.” UDT was selected over numerous vendors and manufacturers competing to provide the 37,000-seat ballpark’s new core enterprise data network infrastructure and uninterrupted power supply solutions. The core infrastructure supports all aspects of the ballpark, from the elevator to point-of-sale to the scoreboards.

“We are proud to have partnered with UDT,”

said Claude Delorme, Marlins EVP of Operations and Events.

“Marlins Park is a state-of-the-art ballpark like no other and we recruit only the best. UDT will manage our technology needs and we are confident they will excel at the task.” UDT delivered a highly available core enterprise network on time and on budget.  “We made sure we were flexible in our implementation approach to ensure we met all timelines and deadlines,” said Jesus Peña, UDT’s Vice President of Sales for Florida and the Caribbean. “Our team understood the complexity and how critical it was to have the core network available on time.”

About UDT:

UDT Inc. (UDT), named one of the 50 fastest growing IT firms in the U.S. by Everything Channel, is a leading provider of high-performance technology solutions in the Southeastern United States. The company is dedicated to helping our customers maximize their investments in IT by reducing the risks, costs and complexity of deploying next generation technology (RC2). UDT partners with top tier leaders in the industry to provide the latest products, from personal computing, audio visual infrastructure to data center solutions. At UDT, we believe that your IT experience should always help you “accomplish more.”

Learn more by visiting www.udtonline.com. UDT (UDT) is a registered trademark and/or trademark of UDT, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. About Marlins Park Marlins Park is a state-of-the-art retractable roof ballpark located in the heart of Miami, on the historic Orange Bowl site. The ballpark features unobstructed views of Miami’s skyline made possible by six operable glass panels and a capacity of 37,000. Conceived as an abstraction of “water merging with land” symbolic of Miami’s coastal landscape, Marlins Park offers fans the most incredible baseball experience where beauty and baseball merge. The ballpark will celebrate Opening Night on April 4, 2012 and will host a wide variety of events throughout the entire calendar year.

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