UDT CEO Honored for Living the American Dream

As the son of Cuban immigrants, Henry Fleches epitomizes the American immigrant success story

DORAL, FL- May 11, 2011 – As the son of Cuban immigrants, Henry Fleches epitomizes the American immigrant success story.  He worked as a youth in his father’s commercial kitchen repair shop, then utilized everything he learned to build a multi-million dollar IT solutions enterprise. Now Fleches, co-founder and CEO of UDT Inc., a leading IT solutions company in the southeast United States, is reaping the rewards.  On May 10, he received the American Dreamer Award at the Hispanic Unity Entrepreneur Summit 2011. The event was held at the Hyatt Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston.  It showcased South Florida’s diverse business community and featured a variety of business workshops. George Feldenkreis, chairman and CEO of Perry Ellis International, presented the keynote address.

As one of the world’s most successful Cuban immigrants, he stressed the importance of family support on the road to success.  The message resonated with Fleches, who launched UDT from his family’s Miami Lakes home in 1995.  “UDT is about family and work ethics that have been transferred from one generation to the next,” he said. “We have a diverse team of highly-trained professionals who enrich our brand with their unique talents and cultural backgrounds.  It’s who we are and what has made us the number one resource of choice for our clients. ” UDT was co-founded by Fleches and his long-time friend, Gerard Amaro.  When they started, Fleches only had nine months experience in the IT field, but he believed in the power of technology and its ability to help organizations soar to success. Fleches and Amaro drummed up business driving through Miami Lakes in search of clients. To learn more about technology, they read books on the fly, burning the mid-night oil. Their efforts paid off, resulting in a booming business enterprise. UDT now has over 100 employees with Florida offices in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee, as well as Tennessee offices in Nashville and Knoxville.   Fleches says he inherited his business acumen from his father, a machinist who gave him his first job.  While working in the Miami commercial kitchen repair business, Fleches managed part replacements and installed the company’s first computer.   While he wanted to remain in the family business, his father had bigger aspirations for his son, telling him:

“I worked hard so you could work smart.”” Today UDT is the resource of choice for hundreds of customers in the public and private sectors looking for cost-effective solutions for their technology needs.  The company is also the largest HP reseller to the public sector in the state of Florida. The company was recently included on the Inc. 5000 list as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. And Fleches was honored by Business Leader Magazine as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs who made a significant impact on South Florida’s economy in 2010. UDT was certified last year as a Minority Business Enterprise. “We’re a company that proves the American Dream is still alive and well,” Fleches said. “We’ll continue to build on our reputation as a company that unites people from the four corners of the earth for a common purpose; and that is to provide our clients with the best IT solutions available anywhere in the world.”

About UDT:

UDT Inc. (UDT), named one of the 50 fastest growing IT firms in the U.S. by Everything Channel, is a leading provider of high-performance technology solutions in the Southeast and Mid-West United States. The company is dedicated to helping our customers maximize their investment in technology by reducing the risks, costs and complexity of deploying next generation technology (RC2). UDT partners with top-tier leaders in the industry to provide the latest products, from personal computing, audio visual infrastructure to customized solutions. At UDT, we believe that your IT experience should always help you “accomplish more”

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