UDT Installs Cutting Edge Technology at Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, FL

No more messy chalk boards, computer crashes or bored students. At Christopher Columbus High School

DORAL, FL- March 8, 2010 – No more messy chalk boards, computer crashes or bored students. At Christopher Columbus High School, that’s all so “old school.” What’s new are interactive SMART Boards™ and computers in every classroom, an integrity rich computer network , more teacher-friendly technology and a learning environment that rocks – thanks to state-of-the-art equipment installed by UDT (UDT).

“The transformation is almost like going from the stone age to the rocket age,”

said Irene Culmo, chair of the Computer Science Department at the all-male Catholic High School.

“The computer system, the network, the Internet, are always up and running, which when you’re in an educational environment is obviously critical.” UDT, the leading information technology provider in the southeastern United States, installed the audio visual equipment at the school’s new Mas Technology Complex as part of an effort to optimize technology and prepare students for careers in the 21st century.

Not only are classrooms exciting places to learn with PowerPoint® presentations and the Internet at teachers’ fingertips, but the school now has five computer labs and a college-level, digital library with 52 wireless notebooks and e-books galore. And students don’t have to look at cable television to know what’s happening in the world around them. Their fellow students bring the news straight to their classrooms live, via a high-tech television production studio designed by UDT.

“Before, we used to do school news, but with the new studio we have the advantage of easy access to the Internet,”

said Daniel Ruiz Calderon, a senior who anchors the morning show at Christopher Columbus News Network.

“We’re able to report to the school what’s happening in the world, in our country and what’s going on in the area of sports.” School President, Brother Kevin Handibode, said the upgraded technology helps Christopher Columbus fulfill its mission to provide a solid Christian education to youths of all backgrounds, especially the most neglected. For those that can’t afford laptops and other equipment, the school has everything they need.

“With UDT, we have the best technology going and the latest in computers,”

Handibode said.

“Whenever there is problem, and it cannot be solved by our own wonderful staff, UDT comes in and takes care of it very, very quickly for us.” Culmo, a teacher at Christopher Columbus for more than 30 years, said the new technology makes her job easier, and keeps her students on the cutting edge of the Information Age. “Just standing up and lecturing and having students take notes is not effective anymore,” she said. “All these students were born with computers and iPods and all the technological advances.

I don’t think I could teach anymore without having all the technology we have now.” For additional information about the Christopher Columbus project and UDT’s products and services, please contact 305-882-0435 or email at [email protected]

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