UDT Receives Minority Business Enterprise Certification from National Council

UDT, a minority-owned business now dominating the IT solutions market in the Southeastern United States, is one of the latest companies to be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

DORAL, FL- February 23, 2010– UDT, a minority-owned business now dominating the IT solutions market in the  Southeastern United States, is one of the latest companies to be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). The certification was recently awarded by the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC), a not-for-profit corporation that fosters the development and expansion of minority-owned businesses in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, Martin and St. Lucie counties.  Businesses that qualify for the certification have to be 51 percent minority-owned.

The designation allows UDT – already one of the 50 fastest growing IT firms in the United States – to better serve customers through even stronger strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies that belong to the SFMSDC. As a new MBE, the company will participate in the SFMSDC’s 25th Business Expo, which will be held March 11-12 at the Broward County Convention Center.

“We’re proud to have UDT on board,”said Oswaldo Casco, Director of Certification and business advisory services for the SFMSDC. “Certainly every time we can make a difference in the community this way it’s something that we’re proud of. We’ll do our best to be able to create opportunities for the company to do more business.”

UDT is owned by Henry Fleches, the son of Cuban immigrants, and Gerard Amaro, whose parents are from the Dominican Republic. The two men founded the company in 1995, and built it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise that has become the resource of choice for customers looking to upgrade and optimize technology in the public and private sectors.

Fleches, the company’s CEO, said that “the certification offers an opportunity for current and prospective clients to work with a top-notch, minority-owned business that already has a proven record for excellence. “For those customers of ours that have set diversity goals, it allows them to track their progress and achieve those goals,” he said. “I think it’s important to make sure, as we live in a more global and diverse economy, not only to have diversification of employees, but vendors as well.” Fleches said the company’s intent is not to win business solely on ethnic or gender-based certification, but to foster strategic alliances that can benefit both UDT and its customers. “It gives us an opportunity to represent ourselves to our customers, our vendors, our creditors and our business partners, as who we are, which is a Hispanic-owned organization,” he said. “Hopefully through the certification we’ll be able to tell the story of what America is based on, which is a country founded by immigrants.”

As one of the fastest growing IT firms in the region, UDT provides an array of solutions and services to a list of marquee clients which include Broward Community College, Florida International University, Univision, Miami-Dade County School District, Orange County School District as well as a growing list of commercial clients.

About UDT Inc.

For additional information or media inquiries about UDT Inc., please contact them at 305-882-0435. For all media inquiries, please e-mail [email protected] About UDT: UDT Inc. (UDT),  named one of the 50 fastest growing IT firms in the U.S. by Everything Channel, is a leading provider of high-performance technology solutions in the Southeast and Mid-South United States. The company is dedicated to helping our customers maximize their investments in IT by providing the best and latest technology solutions. UDT partners with top tier leaders in the industry to provide the latest products, from personal computing, audio visual infrastructure to customized solutions to our clients. At UDT, we believe that your IT experience should always help you “accomplish more”.
Source: UDT Old Site Posts

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