United Data Technology Provides Labdiscs to Citrus Elementary School

Labdisc has proven to be a great tool for Kristina Long’s fifth-grade classroom, greatly increasing student engagement and excitement for science. T


Citrus Elementary, a K-5 school located in Vero Beach, Florida, found a major lack of technology in their fifth-grade science classrooms and needed to better equip their students to increase productivity.  The school desired a new technology tool that would allow instructors to concentrate their curriculum on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), while continuing to practice traditional science.

“As a district, we understand the importance of keeping our technology on the cutting edge,” said Becky Teske, District Science Specialist for the School District of Indian River County. “We turned to our trusted education partner, UDT (UDT), to recommend and help implement a tool that would take our science classrooms into the 21st century.”

UDT helped Citrus Elementary School through the initial research and purchase process to incorporate Labdisc into their fifth-grade science classrooms, in an effort to meet the school’s digital initiative.  Labdisc is an all-in-one solution, that fits into the palm of your hand.  This device is the only K-12 science solution with up to 15 wireless sensors built into a single compact device, making Labdisc incredibly convenient, cost effective and portable.

“UDT knew Citrus Elementary would greatly benefit from adding Labdisc to their classrooms,” said Devin Hicks, Director of Education Solutions at UDT.  “This cutting-edge technology solves issues commonly found in traditional lab equipment.  Labdisc allows the students to travel anywhere and continue to collect and analyze data while acting as a sensor interface, transmitting measurements directly to the computer.”

When Kristina Long introduced Labdisc to her fifth-grade classroom, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Her students immediately began testing sound by whistling into sound level sensors and studying decibels.  They further experimented with the Labdisc by using the GPS tracker to test various probes inside and outside of the classroom.  The students then proceeded to test temperatures around the lab and take real time data, using the GlobiLab software included in Labdisc.  They could immediately tell the difference in the temperature of tap water, salt water, ice water and alcohol.

“Students are able to spend less time when preparing labs and writing graphs,” said Kristina Long, instructor at Citrus Elementary School.  “My students now spend more time collecting and analyzing results while viewing their data on graphs in real time.  Labdisc provides these students with an opportunity to be creative while still utilizing traditional lab equipment.  This technology has also saved space in the classroom as I no longer need walls of test tubes, burners and other tools.”

Labdisc’s key features include:

  • Zero setup time with automatic sensor testing and calibration, allowing educators to focus on science concepts rather than equipment
  • 150 hours of battery life, ideal for biology or earth science students who would like to explore outside of the classroom
  • Display: Graphical LCD, 64 x 128 pixels
  • Keypad for ease of use when entering data
  • Data collection independent of a computer
  • 128k sample memory
  • 24k/second sampling rate
  • 4 unique models available: Biology & Chemistry, Environment, General Science and Physics

Labdisc has proven to be a great tool for Kristina Long’s fifth-grade classroom, greatly increasing student engagement and excitement for science.  The Indian River County district plans to widely deploy Labdisc across other schools in their district to improve productivity in the science classrooms.

Are you ready to refresh the technology in your classroom?

When you’re ready to take your classroom into the 21st century with the help of modern technology, call UDT!  Experts at UDT will help your school to transform, engage and empower students through a 360° relationship with UDT.

About Citrus Elementary School

Citrus Elementary School, located in Vero Beach, Florida, is a Title I school that educates more than 700 students, K-5.  They strive to prepare all students for college or career readiness, empowering them to be proficient, independent, critical thinkers and contributing citizens in the global society of the 21st century.  Citrus Elementary School belongs to the School District of Indian River County.  The district includes 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, one alternative education center, one career and adult education center, one exceptional student education school and give charter schools.  For more information, visit https://www.indianriverschools.org/.

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