Unveiling a new look for UDT


UDT (UDT) was established in 1995, and since then has grown into a company with offices in multiple cities and hundreds of employees. This year, the company unveiled a refreshed look at its brand, starting with a new logo and a refined mission statement: To accomplish more. This process is reflective of a new perspective within the company, and the UDT team is excited to usher in this new era!


The refreshed branding showcases the growth that UDT has undergone. Not only was the logo redesigned, but the UDT website has undergone an overhaul as well. The new site showcases all the service lines that UDT provides, as well as the myriad of industries the company serves. Through the site, visitors can view our newest case studies, read up on our perspectives, understand the benefits of our services, and learn more about the company.

Through this site, UDT crafts a more comprehensive narrative on what the company is about and where they are headed in the future. The careers section has been updated as well, allowing for prospective team members to search for jobs and get a feel for outstanding company culture.

Ultimately, UDT has one goal: to help clients accomplish more. Although the website and branding may have received a facelift, the company is still committed to providing quality solutions and high value to its clients. Learn more about UDT here.

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