Want To Become An Innovation Leader? Start With Your IT Department.

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When you hear the term “IT,” what do you think of? Drones? Cutting-edge apps? Probably not. After all, IT is about solving problems — like frozen computer screens and missing files. We forget that IT stands for Information Technology, and today, that can mean just about anything. IT is everywhere and companies must embrace it, or risk losing their competitive edge.

However, building the kind of technology that changes lives (and improves your company’s bottom line), takes time — time that your IT staff likely doesn’t have. Because let’s face it, they’re fighting fires — waging war with computer viruses, security threats and unruly hardware. They don’t have time to sit back and think about all the ways your business could be doing things better. But the reality is, your team should be spending 80% of it’s time on breakthrough work if you want to become an innovation leader.

How do you give your department the time it needs to be truly innovative? First, you need to free up your thought leaders to do groundbreaking work, and get your entire company on board. Because in order for innovation to happen, everyone needs to be committed to identifying areas of improvement, delegating the tasks that are holding your team back, making change a reality and repeating the process — over and over again. Because you can never innovate too much, but it’s easy to fall behind.

Do you need a partner to take on your IT maintenance or help desk work, so you get back to the business of changing the world? Find out more about our Managed IT Services or contact us today.

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