The UDT Mindset

At UDT, we believe in making your current business more efficient, secure, and sustainable, while planning for its future growth and evolution. We are always guided by our S-T-R-I-V-E philosophy to serve you and your business with integrity and excellence.


We are committed to finding the right balance of technology, innovation, and services needed to help you become a modern, secure, and sustainable organization. We go deeper to provide specialized solutions that not only address your immediate challenges but provide sustainable core solutions for the future.


We seek to understand your goals and vision for the future of your business to build solutions that will scale with your business to meet its evolving needs. We provide flexible and interoperable services with a complete spectrum of technical, professional, and managed services, allowing us to serve your business at every step of your digital transformation journey.

Our S-T-R-I-V-E Philosophy

At UDT, core values guide our decisions, from how we serve our clients to the kind of people we hire. They were first articulated over two decades ago by our founders, Henry Fleches and Gerard Amaro as they crystallized their vision for the kind of enterprise they wanted to build. From the very beginning, UDT’s non-negotiable foundation pillars were encapsulated in the S-T-R-I-V-E acronym:

Sense of urgency

Don’t put things off: deliver faster-than-expected, seize opportunities, be proactive. Do it now!


Together we’re swifter, smarter, stronger. Share your passion. Complement each other.


Live by the 100/100 Rule: strive to be 100% accountable, 100% of the time. Don’t pass the buck.


Honor commitments, act ethically, inspire trust, be transparent. Let your word be your pledge.


Be flexible, sensitive to evolving market needs. Keep growing, keep stretching. Break the mold.


Always do your best: be your best person, best professional, best in all. Reach for new heights.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to accomplish more. We are privileged to offer transformational solutions that:

EMPLOYEES are proud of

COMMUNITIES benefit from

CLIENTS adopt to advance their missions

PARTNERS recognize as industry leading

At UDT, we have a rich legacy of vision and momentum.
Henry Fleches and Gerard Amaro begin the UDT journey in their parent’s home on March 22nd, 1995, officially launching the company and becoming its CEO and President.
After two years of planning, research, and investing time and money into building a company, UDT hired our very first employee on March 12th, 1997. By April 21st of that same year, we would earn our first million in sales.

1997 represented enormous growth for us, seeing UDT secure its first public K-12 customer (Miami-Dade County Public Schools), as well as our first major strategic partnership with Compaq Computers (later acquired by HP). The year would end on a high note with UDT’s first private school customer (Belen) and we entered the public sector over the next year on August 11th, 1998.
Our growth lead to UDT relocating headquarters to Doral, FL early in 2006; we launched our commercial division two years later in 2008. Years of stability, constant evolution, and hard work followed until we broke CRN’s list of the top 200 IT companies on June 2nd, 2014.

Less than a year later, on February 11th, 2015, we had earned our first million in recurring revenue with our managed services offering. This achievement was the perfect milestone for our 20th anniversary on March 17th, 2015
The last five years have been of change and growth for UDT. We opened an office in Houston on January 1st, 2016, and we acquired another company, Conquest Technology Services in 2017. We relaunched them as Conquest Federal the next year in 2018. That same year saw UDT relocate our headquarters to Miramar.

2019 continued with growth and change, with Conquest Federal relaunching as Conquest Cyber. Conquest Cyber becomes UDT’s security operations and risk management division, aimed at establishing our brand as a leader in IT security.
In 2020, we are happy to present our new corporate website and branding, setting the course for our endeavor towards to future. We continue to grow, evolve, and accomplish more for our clients, our partners, and our employees.
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People: Our Company’s Heartbeat

Without our team, there would be no UDT – and we believe our people are exceptional! Find out why.

Success: Clients Share Experiences

We love overcoming challenges to deliver the seemingly impossible! Read how we’ve solved customer challenges for some of our existing clients.

Culture: Defined by S-T-R-I-V-E

Teamwork. Responsibility. Integrity. Check out what else makes us tick.

Solutions: Proven Results

Across verticals, we offer a broad range of award-winning services. See how we can help.

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Experiencing a security breach?

Get immediate assistance from our security operations center! Take the following recommended actions NOW while we get on the case:


  1. Determine which systems were impacted and immediately isolate them. Take the network offline at the switch level or physically unplug the systems from the wired or wireless network.
  2. Immediately take backups offline to preserve them. Scan backups with anti-virus and malware tools to ensure they’re not infected
  3. Initiate an immediate password reset on affected user accounts with new passwords that are no less than 14 characters in length. Do this for Senior Management accounts as well.

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