Revolutionize your network strategy with UDT’s Connectivity Solutions

Today’s organizations rely on high-speed connectivity to swiftly process vast amounts of data and stay ahead in dynamic business environments. UDT’s Connectivity Solutions deliver a superior edge with robust, reliable, and tailored network services.  

✓ Elevate your team with access to certified networking professionals.

✓ Gain visibility into network performance by leveraging key analytics.

✓ Scale bandwidth on demand to support your critical applications.

Obstacles you may be facing:

Your IT landscape requires reliable network connectivity to ensure seamless communications across systems, IoT devices, and users. The right service provider proactively monitors and enhances network performance and security to reduce downtime and boost productivity.

Experience powerful broadband with connectivity services from UDT

There is a lot riding on the reliability and success of your Internet connection and networking solutions.  UDT’s resilient, secure, and flexible connectivity services empower organizations to thrive without interruption.

Internet Access

Amplify productivity. Experience secure, uninterrupted wired and wireless connectivity empowering you to outperform and innovate.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Accelerate growth with multi-site connectivity engineered for you and delivered via dark and lit fiber,  private networks, or Ethernet.

Managed Firewall

Prevent malicious traffic from entering your network. Fortify your cyber defenses with proactive patching, monitoring, auditing, and policy updates.

Discover next-level collaboration with UDT’s Connectivity Solutions

UDT’s Connectivity Solutions are designed, implemented, and supported by a team specializing in delivering network connectivity and communication services. Our flexible approach and exceptional technical support ensures you receive a tailored solution engineered around your goals.

We partner with the leading technology providers to bring you the best service options and pricing. Our engineers are also certified by the industry’s major authorities, so you can trust the quality of our work and solutions. 

What you get with UDT

Built-in Security

Neutralize security risks with built-in features such as remote-triggered DDoS attack blackhole routing, ongoing security evaluations, and proactive monitoring.


Eliminate coverage issues and improve speeds with a custom-designed wireless network monitored, deployed, and managed by certified engineers.


Simplify, optimize, and secure your network. Increase business agility with a seamless WAN infrastructure that delivers increased visibility into network operations.

Unified Communications

Lower your TCO with a feature-rich unified communications VoIP platform. Keep staff connected with virtual meetings, messaging, and
mobility features. 

Flexible Design

Benefit from tailored connectivity services. Let our experienced professionals assess and identify your current systems and design a solution that fits your specific needs.  

E-Rate Experience

Equip your K12 team with additional expertise pertaining to E-Rate Category I and 2 funding. Optimize learning with eligible network services from a
trusted provider. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Rest easy with 24/7 network monitoring. Leverage our customer dashboard to access site and circuit-specific performance metrics, bandwidth utilization data, and analysis tools.


Keep your organization connected and informed with managed streaming across multiple displays. Simultaneously broadcast important updates, security alerts, and more. 

A Team On Your Side

UDT is ready to support your organization with solutions and expertise across Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Lifecycle Management, Cloud & Data Center.

How it works
Schedule Your Consultation

At UDT, we lead with strategy. In your consultation, our experts will aim to understand your global network and security requirements, organization objectives, and current IT challenges.

Get Your Personalized Network Plan 

Once we’ve identified your requirements, our team will categorize and prioritize your connectivity options. We will then generate a list of optimized networking and service recommendations. 

Enjoy Seamless Connectivity

At UDT, we lead with strategy. In your consultation, our experts will aim to understand your global network and security requirements, organization objectives, and current IT challenges. 

Let’s Accomplish More, Together

UDT is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions. We deliver innovative connectivity, cybersecurity, lifecycle management, managed services, cloud and data center solutions to support modern, secure, and connected digital organizations.

Contact UDT today and gain a trusted network connectivity partner. For over 25 years, we’ve helped organizations like yours build robust and secure network infrastructures. Optimize operations with the partner who is with you every step of the way.

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Experiencing a security breach?

Get immediate assistance from our security operations center! Take the following recommended actions NOW while we get on the case:


  1. Determine which systems were impacted and immediately isolate them. Take the network offline at the switch level or physically unplug the systems from the wired or wireless network.
  2. Immediately take backups offline to preserve them. Scan backups with anti-virus and malware tools to ensure they’re not infected
  3. Initiate an immediate password reset on affected user accounts with new passwords that are no less than 14 characters in length. Do this for Senior Management accounts as well.

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