Christina Mitchell

Customer Success & Renewals Manager Tampa, FL
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What’s your work-life philosophy? 

My work-life philosophy isbalance. It is not always achievable, and the balance shifts constantly; but always working to find the time to complete the work and to take care of yourself and your family is important.

What do you like best about working at UDT?

The family culture is what I like best about working for UDT.

How has your career at UDT evolved over the years?

I started with UDT four and a half years ago as an Account Support Representative with little to no experience.  I handled the Oklahoma/Texas Region.  It grew into me becoming the account support representative for all the Tennessee/Oklahoma/Texas Account Managers.  Now, I am the Customer Success & Renewals Manager responsible for all Cisco Renewals.  I am part of the new Customer Experience Team at UDT.

What does customer experience mean to you?

Customer Focused. Customer Experience means finding out what the customer’s business outcomes are and tailoring our solution sets to help our customer meet those business outcomes.

How do you see the customer experience department growing in the future?

I see the customer experience department becoming the core of our value as a partner. I see all departments within UDT to be in a way apart of Customer Experience and working as a team to find the best outcomes for our customers.

What is the best professional advice you would give?  

Never be afraid to try something new. Success whether professionally or in life comes when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. 

People would be surprised if they knew you…  are a Florida Bar Certified Lawyer.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?   

During my time off, I enjoy going to theme parks and just making memories with my 4-year-old son and my husband.  Disney is my happy place.

Focus time, money, and effort on what really matters

Let’s build success together. 

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