DIY Guitar with SAM Labs

Using the step-by-step guidance in the video below, students can create and customize their own guitars.
SAM Labs
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Learning about coding and computing may seem daunting to some students. SAM Labs, however, has created a series of projects that introduce STEM in an engaging, fun way. One of their projects includes building a guitar using a SAM slider, some buttons and pressure sensors and cardboard.

The sliders and sensors connect to the SAM Space App, which allows for users to pair their tablet or laptop to their SAM blocks.

This is only one of many projects SAM Labs has available. Apart from providing project ideas to users, the company also provides detailed lessons plans for educators to easily incorporate into their classroom.

UDT is a proud partner with SAM Labs. Our team is dedicated to bringing the best in STEM technology to the classrooms to increase student engagement and interest in creative development.

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