Emerging Technology In Education: A Winning Strategy For 2015


By Laylah Silva, Education Strategist

Fresh approaches. New educational technology. Greater achievement. On the eve of FETC 2015, the call to educators and schools administrators to transform learning and address the challenges of teaching has never been more urgent — or more exciting. Federal initiatives have brought widespread connectivity to schools, states have issued mandates for online testing, and emerging technology in education has enabled deep, personalized learning experiences. Powerful digital content is changing the way students learn and is fueling teachers and education leaders to accomplish more — not only in the classroom but across their schools and districts.

However, as education and technology continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, pitfalls in integration have risen alongside these opportunities. That’s why more and more education leaders are partnering with technology providers to help with everything from individual teacher training to large-scale one-to-one deployments. Technology providers work with school officials to address pain points, establish best practices and develop a strategic plan for the future.

UDT’s Digital Learning Convergence solution is a powerful example of innovation and partnership. At its core, our one-to-one solution is founded on our client-centered mission and personalized service. From the very beginning, school leaders know that UDT is entirely focused on their needs and the needs of their students. Our phased approach begins with robust networks, continues with curated, digital content, perfectly aligned to your instructional needs and ecosystem, and sustains success by capturing the data school leaders need. Digital Learning Convergence brings together the best practices, the best educational technologies and an innovation-focused mindset for education partners to reimagine teaching and accelerate learning.

Through UDT’s experience in partnering with schools and districts — large and small, public and private — we have developed a highly effective blueprint, using industry-leading technologies and proven integration and deployment techniques. Moreover, by working closely with our schools, their leaders and teachers, we offer guidance that always positions our school partners to be both visionary and practical, ensuring that their educational strategy is both sustainable and achieves the desired impact of meaningful, measureable results.

Whether strengthening your network infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted internet access, integrating premiere, proven, digital curriculum for truly engaging classes, providing the integral professional development for true teaching proficiency, deploying and servicing thousands of school devices in turnkey solutions, or providing the insight and information needed to make critical decisions – UDT is the partner schools trust.

This year, FETC’s myriad of networking events, innovative workshops, exciting speakers and vendor demonstrations will be more powerful than ever. But turning these awe-inspiring experiences into tangible realities for your students requires vision, energy, commitment and deep understanding. Choose a partner who helps you explore your options objectively — one who is concerned and committed to your long-term goals and will help you make decisions that are right for your school. While the challenges facing students, teachers and school leaders are rising, so are exciting new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Looking for new approaches to using emerging technology in education? Catch up with UDT at FETC. Stop by our booth or tweet us @UDTCorp #UDTteachingreimagined #UDTlearningaccelerated.

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