HP Selects UDT as Preferred Vendor for the 4th Largest School District in the Nation

HP, the largest technology company in the world, has selected UDT
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DORAL, FL – HP, the largest technology company in the world, has selected UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists, as preferred vendors in service to the Miami-Dade County School District, the 4th largest in the nation. The five-year commitment allows UDT the opportunity to focus on the critical three “R’s” for the schools—Recognition of the individual student’s needs; Reaching goals in technology and education; and Return on investment for the school district.

“UDT will provide best-of-breed products and services to Miami-Dade County School District for the next five years,”

says Marilyn Velazquez, UDT Inside Sales Representative.

“That entails PC’s, printers, laptops, servers and technology-based equipment and services to 400 locations, including elementary, middle, and high schools, along with charter, vocational, magnet, and alternative schools and special education centers. That adds up to over 70,000 employees and 380,000 students across the district.”

Although some vendors might view this as an enormous and even formidable task, UDT prefers to begin with a focus on the end-user instead—the student. Says Henry Fleches, UDT President and CEO, “Our primary goal is to recognize and respond to the educational needs of the individual student; to combine education with technology. In this way, we’re able to successfully service the infrastructure to drive efficiencies to the larger school district enterprise as a whole.”

From disaster recovery to centralized data management, unified communications, mobility technology, procurement and beyond, this approach enables UDT to provide top-quality service to every tier of any enterprise, no matter what the size and level of need. To that end, UDT maintains a diligent schedule of quarterly reviews with Miami-Dade School District. “Every quarter, we closely examine what we can do to add value to Miami-Dade,” says Gerard Amaro, UDT Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“As a local vendor, they know we’re personally involved and can understand and recognize their needs. And of course, because we’re a nationally recognized VAR backed by the HP name, the school district has the greatest confidence in UDT’s ability to serve their overarching needs, from the individual student all the way up to the entire enterprise.” Despite the fact that UDT has worked with Miami-Dade for more than thirteen years, they still feels it’s critical to continue to prove themselves to the district.

“It’s been an honor to serve this school district,” says Fleches. “And now with the combination of HP and UDT, we’re able to continue to deliver best-of-breed technology and local service, with a superior level of expertise and an ongoing commitment to their success.” For additional information on UDT, HP or any of UDT’s technology or services, please contact 305-882-0435. Or contact UDT via email at prinquiries@udtonline.com .

Since 1995, UDT has provided customers with the power of technology by offering innovative systems, superior guidance and education, and effective long-term strategies and ideas. With a history of community involvement, UDT continues to grow and offer their customers the ability to “accomplish more.”

Focus time, money, and effort on what really matters

Let’s build success together. 

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