IAMCP International Announces Appointment of Jon Sastre as President & 2018 Board

Jon Sastre, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services at UDT, was named President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners board for 2018.
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REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners, a Microsoft Channel partner community with chapters in over 150 cities and over 5,000 members worldwide, today announced the appointment of Jon Sastre as president and introduced the complete slate of officers and board members for 2018.

Sastre, who will serve in the 2018 term has been deeply involved for 15 years with the association’s local, national and global boards. He previously served as president of United States region, which supports over 35 chapters nationwide, and as president of the South Florida chapter.

“I am honored and excited to serve as president of this impactful organization and look forward to working with my colleagues on the board of the Partner Association,” said Sastre, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services of ConQuest Technology Services, a UDT company.

Joining the International Board of Directors as new members are Bo Bauhn, CEO of Retune from Stockholm, Sweden, and Neeraj Gargi, Chief Technology Officer of Intelegain, from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and Ricardo Escorihuela from Mobiik who is the current President of the Mexico IAMCP chapter.

Following is the complete slate of board members for 2018:

  • Javier Abreu O’Neill, President Emeritus
  • Jon Sastre, President
  • Corinne Sharp, Vice President
  • Olivia Trilles, Board Member
  • Javier Abreu O’Neill, Treasurer
  • Christine Bongard, Board Member
  • Ro Kolakowski, Board Member
  • Jeffrey Goldstein, Board Member
  • Sarika Malhorta, Board Member
  • Charlotte Dick-Cleland, Board Member
  • Prashanth Subramanian, Board Member
  • Gail Mercer-Mackay, Board Member
  • Sergio Baptista, Board Member
  • Neeraj Gargi, Board Member
  • Bo Bauhn, Board Member
  • Ricardo Escorihuela

Advisory Board Members

  • Debra Pfundstein, Inspire Chairperson
  • Rudy Rodriguez, President Emeritas
  • Ulises Aguilar, President Emeritas
  • Jeff Shuey, Marketing Support & Seattle President Emeritas

About the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP)

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) represents Microsoft´s best partners around the globe. Since 1994, our organization has been a strong, collective voice for Partners to Microsoft and the IT community. We also provide the industry’s best way to develop partner to partner business opportunities and accelerate growth. IAMCP partners engage in over $10.2 BN annually of joint Partner-to-Partner business as ranked by IDC. Based on a previous study, we are learning that IAMCP members report higher revenues and profits than non-members. Active IAMCP members make more connections and get more business while maximizing business opportunities for our members through networking and relationship building amongst members and with Microsoft is what we do. Membership is open to any sized partner who belongs to the Microsoft Partner Network.

International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners Media Contact:
Jeff Shuey (Worldwide Marketing & Communications Committee Chairperson)

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