Moving to the Cloud

Migration to the cloud is a top business concern for many businesses.
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According to research firm IDC, the average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure for an enterprise was $100,000, while the total cost of unplanned application downtime was between $1.25 and $2.6 billion per year. This statistic usually prompts the question: What’s the best way to prevent this kind of downtime?

The answer: moving to the cloud.

Migration to the cloud is a top business concern for many businesses. Each organization has its own pace to when it comes to technology adoption for a variety of reasons, but migrating to the cloud has never been easier.

UDT (UDT) has years of experience regarding cloud migrations, and has extensively researched the latest in cloud technology.

There were four main questions that the research group came up with when it came to cloud costs:

  1. Why haven’t many financial institutions moved to the cloud?
  2. What is the largest cost-related obstacle?
  3. What are the advantages of cloud adoption?
  4. When transitioned to the cloud, will data be secure?

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