Simplifying Asset Management with UDT’s Configuration Center

Organizations of all sizes need to manage devices, especially since any given employee may be using several different end points.  As a company grows, keeping track of the devices and data could become a cumbersome process, distracting your IT team from more important priorities. Through our configuration center, based in Orlando, Florida, our team can configure, image, store, and track all your devices for a streamlined process.

Imaging & Configuration

  • Image Consulting & Maintenance
  • Imaging, Automation & BIOS Configuration
  • Multi-Platform Device Configuration
    • (Microsoft/Google/Apple)
  • Post-Image VPN Connection
  • Complete product portfolio configuration capability

Logistics & Coordination

  • Secure Inventory Storage
  • Custom Product Consolidation
  • Kitting of Product for Project Deployments
  • White Glove Service w/ Just-in-Time Delivery
  • Green Shipping Methodology
  • Complete Logistics Management
  • Customer Support & Project Coordination

Asset Disposition

  • Data Back-Up
  • Data Format
  • Asset Disposition & Recycling
  • Certified Liability of Destruction

Asset Management

  • Asset Management Tool (ATMS)
  • Custom Asset Tagging
  • Laser Etching (Logo/Verbiage/Unique ID/Color)
  • Reporting & Analytics

This state-of-the-art facility has the capability to handle high-volume device implementations, saving your team time. UDT also has the capability to configure all devices to your specific organizational needs, meaning each device is ready to be used as soon as you receive it.

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