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UDT is the technology enabler known for helping customers accomplish more in the cloud. UDT provides a robust array of implementation, migration, asset management, and protective measures to ensure your cloud-based operations are flexible, interoperable, secure, and compliant.

Cloud: Seamless Route-to-Cloud Solutions

Smart businesses work from the cloud. Their employees log in from their homes, field offices and hotels to access company applications from anywhere. While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building and managing cloud environments.

As the volume of data exponentially grows, these companies are implementing unique cloud configurations – from private, public and hybrid clouds – to better manage and access their data and drive greater insights and knowledge from the information.

UDT helps companies demystify the cloud by providing intelligent counsel and seamless route-to-cloud operations. Our tech teams and engineers, together with our strategic partners, help companies easily access and gain deeper insights from their data by building flexible and agile cloud-based operations while mitigating risk and maximizing security and compliance.

UDT Knows Cloud

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At UDT, we are distinguished for:

  • Understanding the sensitivities and complexity of cloud operations
  • Providing platform-agnostic data management solutions and support from private to public to hybrid cloud offerings
  • Knowing how to protect client data and infrastructure through secure, compliance-driven technologies and protocols
  • Partnering with best-in-class cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Office365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

 From private to public to hybrid cloud solutions to expert engineering support, UDT offers the know-how, experience and solutions to create your cloud – any way you want it.

UDT’s Cloud Solutions

If you are looking for smart ways to migrate to and operate in in the cloud, our route-to-cloud solutions can get you there while upholding your security and compliance.


Organizations are increasingly looking to migrate operations to the cloud to improve competitiveness, increase business agility, simplify business processes and reduce time to market. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment supports you in defining your cloud vision, prioritizing your requirements, and identifying a roadmap and action plan to move forward.

By assessing your readiness to move to the cloud, we will help you identify any gaps between your current “as-is” state and the desired “to-be” state; and define a roadmap that determines key next steps based on your specific requirements. UDT’s Cloud Readiness Assessment is comprised of a suite of engagements which enable you to:

Define your vision for the cloud

Prioritize your cloud-related needs and requirements

Identify a high-level roadmap and preliminary set of actions with which to move forward

Through our Cloud Readiness Assessment, we work with you to review your operations across the following four key dimensions of cloud computing:

Business Alignment





Azure helps customers accelerate innovation with integrated cloud platform services, providing robust analytics and intelligence to empower business insights, and an open and flexible infrastructure to add value to customers’ existing technologies.


Driving employee productivity in today’s hyper-connected world means providing them with the tools of the future: instant access to their email, files and documents across any device from any location.


UDT views backup and restore as a vital asset to business continuity. Our solutions backup your mission critical assets to an offsite repository (called a cloud repository) with­out the cost of purchasing and managing backup tapes.

We collaborate closely with our clients to assess their existing backup solutions and provide customized recommendations best-suited to their specific needs. Together with leading manufacturers and partners, we deliver impactful solutions such as online archiving, backup and data recovery management.

Disaster Recovery for the World of Cloud

Azure Site Recovery (ASR), our disaster recovery offering for computing environments, is Microsoft’s solution to replicate workloads running on VM’s and physical servers, rather than to a secondary site. This eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary data center. ASR offers a faster recovery and RTO with production-class replication targets for SSD, SAS or SATA per virtual machine.

Use your cloud repository like a local backup repository. Simply open your backup console and make your cloud repository a target for any backup or backup copy job.

Get your backups off site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth by leveraging forever-incremental backups, in cloud synthetic fills and built-in WAN Acceleration.

Our multi-tenant capabilities ensure that your data is as safe and confidential as it would be in your own dedicated offsite repository thanks to our advanced data encryption technologies.