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Cyber Security: Advanced Protection from Evolving Security Threats

It’s not if you will suffer a cyber-attack, but when.

Cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly. Attackers are relentlessly breaching and gaining unauthorized access to your mission critical systems and data. Your technology is vulnerable and teams are challenged to keep up with these attacks.

UDT’s suite of cyber security services provides powerful protections to secure your systems against breaches and unauthorized access through a spectrum of cost-effective security services.

Save Time and Money

UDT deploys and monitors your security services, so you don’t have to

Strengthen Your Security

UDT identifies security threats and provides incident response and remediation guidance

Improve Compliance

UDT provides audit logging and reporting needed to meet compliance

UDT’s Cyber Security Services helps organizations gain broad and real-time visibility into threats to their networks, systems and applications. Our solutions improve the compliance process through logging, monitoring and threat correlation analysis of events.


Fast Deployment & Integration

Our platforms integrate with third-party vendors making devise monitoring and managing deployment easy

Customized Solutions

From procurement to deployment and configuration, UDT delivers solutions that meet your specific requirements

Regulatory Compliance Support

Continuous monitoring and logging validate device configurations and compliment vulnerability scans for maximum PCI, HIPAA, SOX compliance

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Monitored devices and systems are constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence data to quickly detect and prevent security breaches

Smart and Continuous Monitoring

Powered by the very best tools, 24x7x365 monitoring is supported by UDT’s trained security professionals

Certified & Experienced Staff

UDT’s expert staff analyzes event data from across your monitored devices to provide timely incident alerts with remediation recommendations

UDTSecure™ Security, Risk & Compliance Consulting Services

Our suite of consulting service offerings enable clients to identify, fix, stop and resolve cybersecurity issues across their entire enterprise and product portfolios. Proprietary methodologies, standardize toolsets, project oversight and back office support, enables us to perform cost-effective deliverables clients have come to depend on.

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Using proprietary methodologies based on industry security frameworks, our risk management advisory services apply real-world threat simulations against your critical systems to provide actionable remediation strategies to prioritize budget and resource allocation.

Information Security Risk Management Advisory Services

UDT’s team of experienced forensic and malware analysis consultants quickly identify how systems were penetrated and what information has been compromised.

Digital Forensic Services

Our certified consultants perform incident response evaluations that focus on identifying sources of attacks and help customers recover systems quickly and minimize impact to their operations.

Incident Response

Our customized courseware is delivered through a variety of platforms like animated videos, onsite/offsite presentations, or digital newsletters, to easily describe how to spot attacks and use best-practice measures to avoid compromise of data in a non-technical but engaging manner.

Security Training and Awareness

Our team has conducted hundreds of compliance-based assessments that include PCI, HIPPA, GLBA, FFIEC, FERPA, and others. We will help you design and implement an assessment process that integrates audit demands from auditors and regulators to ensure deadlines are met and compliance is maintained.

Compliance Assessments

Our experienced and fully certified team of cybersecurity consultants will augment existing IT staff to provide guidance and implement remediation strategies that maximize your return on investment while reducing overall risk exposure.

Remediation Services

UDT partners with leading cyber insurance providers to help you understand existing coverages for adequacy of limits or in obtaining the right coverage limits based on your risk level. We identify costs potentially not covered by insurance policies or required security controls needed to ensure policy requirements.

UDTSecure™ Cyber Insurance Assessment Services

UDTSecure™ PenTest Suite of Services utilize real-world attack simulations that combine automated and manual validation processes to quickly identify points of weaknesses that may lead to potential exploits of mission critical systems.

Penetration Testing (Application, Network, WiFi)

UDTSecure™ Cybersecurity Consultants Test incorporates a mix of social engineering, physical, application, and network penetration testing simultaneously to obtain a realistic level of risk and vulnerabilities against technology, people and facilities.

Red Team Exercises

UDTSecure™ Config Services identify misconfiguration settings of network components, applications, and operating systems that present a risk to the organization.

Security Configuration Assessment

UDTSecure™ Network Security delivers a wide range of capabilities – from planning and architecture, evaluation and selection, implementations and migrations, to integrations and optimizations.

Network Architecture Security Assessment

Cross-Function Capabilities for Maximum Protection

Regulatory Compliance

Fast Integration

Flexible Delivery

Certified Engineers

Certified Operations

Multi-Platform Support

Threat Awareness

Threat Analytics

Benefits of UDT’s Cyber Security Solutions

Secure your Systems

UDT’s expert team of security specialists and engineers provide you with the needed peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business while we secure and monitor your data and IT infrastructure.

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce downtime and costly repairs
  • Mitigate risks and safeguard IT investments
  • Improve compliance
  • Focus on your mission and drive organizational value

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