UDT Makes Procurement Easier with New Configuration Center

As a leading provider of IT solutions in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States

ORLANDO, FL- July 23, 2010 – As a leading provider of IT solutions in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States, UDT (UDT) is constantly expanding its supply chain capability for customer satisfaction.  So it is no wonder that the company now has a 14,000-square-foot Configuration Center to make IT procurement projects more manageable for school districts, government institutions and businesses.   The new Configuration Center, located in South Orlando, provides warehousing, imaging, network device configuration and onsite installation services.  It is a much-needed solution for customers who need storage space and services when equipment from Hewlett Packard and other manufacturers arrive too early for installation.

UDT will power up the equipment at the Configuration Center and pre-load images in time for delivery. The company will even coordinate the de-installation of existing equipment, further eliminating the hassles that customers face.  “By coordinating configuration of network equipment prior to delivery, UDT offers the opportunity to focus on your core business needs,” said Devin Hicks, UDT’s field services manager.

“If you are running short on warehouse space or are planning a large equipment deployment, we’ll handle your warehousing and logistics needs. For new orders, UDT will accept delivery, confirm shipping accuracy, inspect equipment and facilitate a just-in-time delivery as the customer requires the equipment.”

Hicks said plans for the new Configuration Center began when UDT recognized a need for configuration services in the southeast region.  The company decided to be proactive and fill the need in keeping with its customer-centric approach to business. In addition to the Configuration Center, the company also recently launched UDTeXchange, a virtual IT shopping mall that allows customers to track and manage orders online, from the point of purchase through the life of the product.   At the Configuration Center, serial numbers and other vital information are scanned into UDT’s new asset management system so customers can monitor configuration, shipping and installation online.  Hicks said the Configuration Center and UDTeXchange just add to UDT’s reputation as the “number one resource of choice” for IT solutions. “The ultimate goal is to tie us, from a complete solution standpoint, to our customers,” he said. “We’re providing a value that gives us a huge competitive advantage.”

About UDT:

UDT is a unique Information Technology firm dedicated to providing the best technology solutions centered on the latest, cutting edge products. The firm partners with top-tier manufacturing firms to deliver customized strategies and IT systems that address all of their clients’ needs through a one-stop shop model.  UDT believes that your IT experience should always help you “accomplish more.”

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