UDT Provides CIOs a Glimpse of Hewlett Packard’s Future in Opportune Discussion with its CEO

UDT (UDT), the leading provider of IT solutions in the Southeastern United States

DORAL, FL-October 20, 2009– UDT (UDT), the leading provider of IT solutions in the Southeastern United States, hosted HP CEO Mark Hurd for a dynamic CIO Roundtable entitled “Get Connected! With Anytime, Anywhere Technology” providing a glimpse of HP’s vision for the future of the IT industry. The event, part of a daylong symposium for current and prospective UDT customers, drew CIOs from a cross-section of organizations to the company’s Miami headquarters, and provided them with invaluable information to enhance business performance in today’s sluggish economy. Hurd discussed HP’s business outlook and the impact it will have on UDT customers. He also highlighted the strong partnership between UDT and HP.

“Actively listening to our partners and customers is critical to understanding problems and creating solutions for mutual profitable growth,”

said Adrian Jones, vice president and general manager of the Americas Solution Partners Organization at HP.

“Our Executive Connections program enables us to work closely with strong channel partners like UDT and their customers to provide better solutions and closer alignment with our goal of delivering better business outcomes for our customers.” UDT CEO Henry Fleches attributed much of UDT’s success to its ongoing relationship with HP stating: “UDT has seen tremendous growth in the past several years, thanks, in large part, to HP’s overall support and resources at every level of our organization.  UDT stands prepared as always to be our customers’ best resource in leveraging technology to do more with less.”

The CIO Roundtable is one more example of UDT’s customer-centric approach to business and a clear demonstration of leadership on behalf of its clients. Participants found the information valuable and are looking forward to future events. “The UDT sponsored CIO Roundtable was outstanding and provided me with the type of information I need to further level technology innovation in my city,” said Don DeLoach, CIO for the City of Tallahassee. “The opportunity to interact with HP’s CEO Mark Hurd was also interesting because it communicated HP’s roadmap for future growth; which helps me strategically plan for the future”.

To view highlights of UDT’s recent CIO Roundtable with HP’s CEO, please visit our site at: CIO Roundtable Recap. For additional information on future UDT events or media inquiries about UDT, please contact them at 305-882-0435. For all media inquiries, please e-mail [email protected]

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