• Whitepaper in Education

Six Case Studies Investigating the Funding Process at Universities with MakerBot Innovation Centers

Whitepaper Courtsey of MakerBot®

You’ve already decided that your university needs a MakerBot Innovation Center—but now you need to fund it. Because universities have their own unique set of priorities, financial circumstances, by laws, and state laws, among other variables, no two are alike. When it comes to funding, there really is no one-size-fits all roadmap that you can follow.

Even so, more than a handful of universities have already followed-through on funding their own MakerBot Innovation Centers. The best approach then to figuring out how to fund your own would be to investigate how these universities have done so.1 In this way, you can decide which funding story or aspects of each story most closely apply to your situation. You can also more clearly understand which scenarios more commonly lead to success and what key “drivers” are present in every funding story.