Implementing the Cloud

The Rewards for Financial Institutions That Migrate to the Cloud

Many businesses, particularly financial institutions, are understanding the importance of moving to the cloud. While some organizations believe migrating to the cloud is a matter of simply switching servers, successful cloud migrations require a more nuanced approach.

According to Guillermo Benites, Vice President of Financial Services at UDT (UDT), companies who complete cloud migration don’t always get it right. “When you move to cloud, you have to do a particular sequence to make things stand up, if you do things out of the sequence, you can’t just go back and then do things in the right order. And that doesn’t just apply to public cloud, that’s the case even if they’re starting in hybrid.”

Finding the Right Solution

Implementing the cloud is a tailored process for each institution. UDT is a trusted partner of many institutions, and have helped businesses migrate to the cloud with ease. Our team beings by understanding what the needs of the company are, and which solutions fit best.

Once the proper set up is in place, organizations can use a whole new set of business intelligence (BI) tools. Cloud-based BI provides users with an easier way to handle and view data, for starters. Cloud migration also offers companies the ability to explore artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve responses to customers.

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