UDT’s VP of Marketing Named Among Top 15 Women Leaders of Miami 2024

Women We Admire recently announced their Top 50 Women Leaders of Miami for 2024. Our very own Paula Euse was identified for her capacity to excel in the competitive IT industry and lead UDT to success

Originally published by The Women We Admire on January 23, 2024 (PDF)

NEW YORKJan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Women We Admire is delighted to announce The Top 50 Women Leaders of Miami for 2024. A common theme for this year’s selected awardees is a capacity to excel in the most competitive environments and lead organizations of all sizes and compositions.

Ranking amongst the 2024 honorees is Jessica Modkins the President and Founder of Hip Rock Star Advertising, a trailblazing, award-winning agency with a special focus on socially conscious brands. With Modkins at the helm, Hip Rock Star won three AIVIA Awards for Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing, and TV Production. It became an agency of record by the National Football League.

Another impressive honoree is Bianca Martinez-Oberhelman, the Corporate & Marketing Communications Director of Blue Tide Marine. She’s an Emmy and Telly award-winning journalist who overcame the challenges of the military spouse lifestyle and built a career as a television news anchor. Also awarded is Monica Davis, the Director of Talent Experience at EngageSmart, who created a diversity initiative with the Miami Heat in partnership with the Disney Institute and the NBA’s Team Marketing and Business Operations, earning the Miami Heat the NBA’s inaugural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award.

Please join us as we congratulate and recognize the achievements of The Top 50 Women Leaders of Miami for 2024.

Christine Duffyr (Carnival Cruise Line), Erin Lecuyer (ID & Design International), Ileana Musa (Morgan Stanley), Eva Marina Ovejero (Alex. Brown, a Division of Raymond James), Meghan Lockwood (Skillcentrix), Patricia Prospero (Diageo), Jessica Murphy (RPM Living), Madeline Pumariega (Miami Dade College), Lani Kane-Hanan (Open Network Exchange), Kimberley Hayes (Monat Global), Mia Savino (Nuveen TIAA company), Paula Euse (UDT)Robin Ganzert (American Humane), Carine Trezza (OFRA Cosmetics), Saliha Nelson (Urgent, Inc.), Laura Kalcevic (Cornell University), Mayra Luis-Castillo (Commvault), Veronica Cartagena (The Bougainvilla House), Shemie Breitenbach (ProvenBase), Casey Bruce-White (ACLU of Florida), Stephanie Faccioli (Royal Caribbean Group), Shannon Chapman (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings), Katerina Jones (Fleet Advantage), Cristina Miller (Intermedia Touch), Simone Arnold (Fiserv), Michelle Martinez Reyes (Americas DLA Piper), Jessica Modkins (Hip Rock Star Advertising), Aly Heimovics (Fifth Third Bank), Sandra Sainz (Sonen Capital), Ilia Molina (Carnegie Learning), Madeline Haftel (ChenMed), Monica Davis (EngageSmart), Julie Watson (Watson Caring Science Institute), Susana Olmos (The Concours Club), Bianca Martinez-Oberhelman (Blue Tide Marine), Christa Dotson Dean (South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union), and many others.

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15. Paula Euse
Vice President Of Marketing, UDT

Paula Euse is the Vice President of Marketing at UDT, a leading national provider of technology solutions and managed services. 

Her responsibilities include leading the creation and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives and demand generation programs for the company nationally. She works closely with the company’s leadership to execute go-to-market strategies, driving customer acquisition and overseeing marketing investments and results. She serves as a member at large for UDT’s Women’s Advisory Board and UDT’s Network of Women. Her previous roles at UDT included Director of Marketing and Marketing Manager.

Euse has a bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and a master’s degree from Rutgers University. She has a Product Marketer Master Certification in product marketing from the Pragmatic Institute. In the past, Euse served as a board member for the Extraordinary Women Leading Change Conference and is currently an Advisory Committee Member for FIBA Bankers.

Originally published by The Women We Admire on January 23, 2024 (PDF)

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